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That magical exercise that will fix all your ailments!

As you can tell by the headline and title of this article I am definitely being a little snarky.

I get this question a few times every day in my clinic…

“So what exercise should I be doing to fix this?”

I used to get mad at this question and come back at the patient with hell and fury, but as they say you always catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

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Muscle of the Week: Flexor Hallucis Longus

Let’s talk about the great and powerful Flexor Hallucis Longus…

This week’s muscle is a really important one and serves as one of the main movers in the motion of dorsiflexion.

It starts on the outside of your lower leg and is deep to your calf muscle. It then goes down to the foot and travels underneath the Achilles to attach on the big toe. It is a big and powerful muscle.

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What kind of doctor do you REALLY want to have?

This week’s blog post is short and simple, but covers a very important topic that can set people up for failure when trying to get a resolution for their injury.

There are really on two types of doctors out there:

  • A doctor that tells you what you WANT to hear.
  • A doctor that tells you what you NEED to hear.
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Muscle of the week: Adductor Magnus

Muscle of the week time!!!

This week’s muscle is pretty important and its name goes a long way to show the sheer power and strength this muscle has.

Adductor Magnus.

The name alone reminds me of some type of epic Roman gladiator.

This muscle is huge!

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Sciatica is a broad and general diagnosis that does nothing to help pinpoint where the true issue is.

Doctors have become “lazy” due to the constraints and never-ending bureaucracy, or endless red tape that insurance companies make them go through.

We live in a new type of medical world where everything has to fit into the perfect “mold” so the insurance companies can actually pay the doctor for doing their job.

The people that suffer the most are the patient as I so eloquently describe in a past video.

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Muscle of the Week: Infraspinatus

We are bringing back the muscle of the week and we picked an extremely important one, the infraspinatus.

What is it?

The infraspinatus is classically considered an external rotator of the shoulder and is often grouped into the more common name of the rotator cuff.

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5 signs that it is time to break up…

…with your chiropractor or physical therapist.

A lot of money, time and energy are wasted everyday in healthcare when trying to deal with an injury.

So here are 5 signs that you are NOT in the right place to get your injury fixed:

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The Bob Vila Effect – Trying To Fix Your Own Injury

Being injured sucks. It always sucks. It will continue to suck. Until the end of time.

Pain associated with injuries has a way of robbing you of attention and keeping you from doing the things you truly love.  When the pain is bad enough, it can even keep you from being able to sleep or focus on anything else.

So why is it that…

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Enough With All The Nonsense!

Being injured sucks! Stop feeding into ridiculousness!

I needed a break from writing and blogging for the past two months to truly be able to assess the droves of wrong and downright dangerous information that is rampant in the musculoskeletal world when trying to find a solution to an injury.

As I took time to reflect on a majority of wrong and inaccurate information regarding injuries one clear fact came to fruition…

We are the most impatient, instant gratification and quick fix society in the entire world!

Patience is definitely not a virtue for us and it shows with the lengths and dangers that people will go to get that “quick fix” for an injury, even if it could lead to disastrous consequences down the road.

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