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The magic exercise to fix all your injuries

As you can tell by the headline and title of this article I am definitely being a little snarky. I get this question a few times every day in my clinic…“So what exercise should I be doing to fix this?” I used to get mad at this question and come back at the patient with hell and fury, but as they say you always catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Now when I get this question I just smile and give a true and honest depiction of what is going on. It goes something like this… Usually at this point the patient can tell I am working pretty hard. I also work in Florida and I usually live my life with some level of a constant sweat. Read More

This was a blog that has been a long time coming.

In my opinion, nothing is worse than taking advantage of and trying to secure financial gain off of someone who is in pain.

Unfortunately, this happens a lot and people get suckered out of their hard-earned money everyday, leaving them still in pain and with less money.

I’m sure people out there have encountered one of these “modern day snake oil salesmen” doctors.

Who are these “doctors?”

They are the ones out there that preach about the “silent killer” that is subluxation.  For those of you that don’t know what subluxation is, it’s a “technical” way of saying your “bone is out of alignment and is interfering with your normal neural flow.”

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Being injured sucks and we all know that. It sucks even more when you can’t do any of the activities that help keep you sane!

We are a proud group of athletes and really want to feel empowered when trying to “fix” the injury ourselves.  But it amazes me the lengths that people go to try to “fix” their own injury.

They will jam a lacrosse ball in any region of the body and grimace in agonizing pain. They will wrap the injured area up as tight as possible with some restrictive band, whose name itself (voodoo band) should automatically shoot off a huge level of suspicion. They will also try to do every Mobility WOD in the hopes of becoming a supple leopard.

I know the last thing people want to hear is that you can’t fix yourself. I don’t blame people for trying like hell to get a resolution for their injury, as about 90 percent of the medical field that focuses on musculoskeletal injuries is completely clueless.

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Be weary of the team doctor and heads of departments!

Football season is here and it’s always my favorite time of year except for the massive amounts of injuries, but they say that’s all part of the game.  You will usually notice that when a player goes down in agony with an injury, there is always a guy that comes out with the trainer and he’s always wearing a suit.  That guy in the suit is the team’s doctor, and wearing the suit helps you to denote that he is, in fact, a pretty big deal!

Don’t get me wrong, some of these doctors are some of the best in the world. One example is James Andrews, the doctor for the Redskins.  Every famous athlete seems to have an appointment with him when they blow something up on their body.

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Tiger Woods and Glutes

The title of this post seems a bit strange I must say, but let me assure you that it will make sense soon.

I remember when I was younger, I used to watch Tiger literally hit the shit out of the ball and dominant everyone on the PGA tour.  It was unreal.  Then, there was the “incident” with his wife and, before we knew it, Tiger was literally falling apart in front of our eyes. He limped his way to his last major in 2008 with a busted knee, making it the last time we really heard Tiger roar.

His demise over the past 7 years has been tough to watch, even worse with the hopeless optimists getting excited when he’s “in contention” on a Saturday, only to falter again.  I’m going to be the voice of reason here for those people: Tiger is done!

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Why I Stopped Doing Active Release Technique (ART) Part 2

Last week we dove into my journey with ART and the ups and mostly downs of it.  In this week’s post, I wanted to go right into what is fundamentally wrong with ART.  As we ended the post last week I shared what the ART “process” is, and we ended with one pretty significant thought:

There is no mention of making a diagnosis prior to performing ART.

To me, that is crazy!  Almost every state licensing board essentially says you must always render a diagnosis prior to delivering treatment.  So what I take from all of this is the following:

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Why I Stopped Doing Active Release Technique (ART) Part 1

This was originally going to be a one-part post, but I had way too much to write and we all know that most of us have a 3-minute attention span. So this first part will focus on my journey with getting into ART and the pitfalls I had with it.  For the rest of the post I am just going to refer to Active Release Technique as ART to help save my fingers from having to type it all out.

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The Great Mobility Delusion

Stretching.  Foam rolling.  Self-myofascial release with torture devices (ouch!).  Kin tape.  Becoming a supple leopard. Functional Movement Screen (FMS) or Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).  Yoga.  Pilates.  Mobility class or day at gym.

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