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Our bodies don’t measure long-term consequences.

There is a simple concept that I harp on in my office everyday:

Load vs. Capacity.

Load is life and everything you do – your job, your stress, diet, exercise, hobbies, etc. Capacity is how much your muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, discs, bones and cartilage can take. I use the analogy of a piece of rope having a certain tensile strength before it breaks.

So if your load is exceeding your capacity it can happen in two ways:

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Don’t let an MRI dictate everything about the treatment process

If you are in the unlucky club of people who have suffered an injury bad enough to warrant an MRI then this article is for you. I am an unfortunate member of that club as well.

This is also for people that may suffer an injury down the road in the hopes that they don’t go through what so many people have encountered during the MRI diagnostic process.

I always say it, being injured sucks!

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3 reasons it’s not your fault that you are still injured

Last week we did a post on the 5 reasons you are still injured and how it’s your own damn fault.

This week we want to touch on 3 common reasons why it isn’t your fault and how to look out for these common occurrences.

Nobody ever wants to get injured and when they are it can leave them in a very vulnerable position. We think that all practitioners provide good treatment or that “expert” on the Internet is actually credible…

I would say we are hopeless optimists who don’t have a clear view of the pitfalls of being injured and seeking treatment…

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5 Reasons Why You’re Still Injured…

Why it’s your own damn fault that your injury isn’t improving…

So you have been dealing with an injury for quite some time now, it has had many ups and downs, but seems to still be there.

Nobody wants to be the injured person out there, sitting in the corner looking like a waste of humanity.

At the end of the day being injured really does sucks and keeps you from being able to do all the activities that you love.

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The Self-Diagnosis Epidemic

With almost too much information that we have nowadays, especially on the Internet, people tend to get distracted from the type of treatment they really need.

Your typical case would be a person who has been battling with some sort of symptom, so they get on Google, type in their symptoms, and BOOM! — 100 different answers on what they might have.  So they rifle through all the answers and whatever they feel is most related or the best fit for their lifestyle, they choose and self diagnose, completely leaving an actual doctor’s opinion out. Why? Because it’s free.

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Bayern Munich's Claudio Pizarro reacts after missing a chance to score during their German first division Bundesliga soccer match against VfL Wolfsburg, in Wolfsburg January 30, 2015.  REUTERS/Morris Mac Matzen (GERMANY  - Tags: SPORT SOCCER)

The Self Treatment Epidemic

Before I write anything more on this post, I want to clear one thing up – this is directed towards people that are injured.

What is my definition of being injured?

An injury is some type of dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system that is causing pain, limited mobility, decrease in activity level and any type of reproducible symptoms.

This isn’t a post geared to how to stay healthy or 10 tips for a better whatever…

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5 Rules To Stay Healthy

I wanted to share some information that could potentially be bad for business.

I am in the business of helping people who are injured and people who haven’t been able to maintain the healthiest life style.

But I don’t want anyone to suffer through an injury. I have said it many times — being injured sucks!  So in order to save you some aggravation, pain and even a little bit of money, I have decided to put out a post on how to stay injury free.

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Our current healthcare model is completely broken!

I wanted to write a blog on the current state of our healthcare system and remind people of how truly messed up it is. The scary part is that it is only going to get worse!

There a lot of things in the realm of people being injured that make me shake my head.  I had one of these this week and it really got me thinking about how truly F’d up the system is.  I had a patient that was referred into my office from another patient of mine.

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Getting value out of treatment.

This is the last part in our series that has examined the rigors, challenges and logistics of our current medical model and trying to get resolution for pain and injuries.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the first two parts, here is part one, and part two. This last post is going to focus on the value of treatment.

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