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95 percent of musculoskeletal problems are caused by an accumulation of adhesion. There are three mechanisms by which adhesion can form:
1. Acute Injury: Such as sprain, strain or tear of tissue.
2. Repetitive Injury or Micro-Traumas: Over time, poor biomechanics continue to cause the tissue to degenerate and the body will fill it in with the adhesion.
3. Constant Contraction/Pressure or Hypoxia: The most common cause for adhesion formation in the body, this is a result sedentary lifestyle in which many muscles are constantly contracted longer than they are capable of withstanding. When the blood vessels try to pass through the tissues over an extended period, they get constant pressure and have depleted oxygen leading to the formation of adhesion.


Muscle adhesion is the most common, under-diagnosed and treatable condition in the entire human body. Adhesion limits the strength by reducing the amount of functional muscle, limits mobility by reducing muscle length and requires more force to function within a normal range.

Dr. Maggio is 1 of only 3 doctors in all of Florida certified to diagnosis and treat adhesion through the Integrative Diagnosis system.

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