Muscle of the week time!!!

This week’s muscle is pretty important and its name goes a long way to show the sheer power and strength this muscle has.

Adductor Magnus.

The name alone reminds me of some type of epic Roman gladiator.

This muscle is huge!

Its cross-section takes up almost the entire upper leg.

It is REALLY important in so many movements and really helps to propel our bodies through space.

So chances are if you have ever run, jumped, squatted, walked or just got through movement that the adductor played a huge role.

This muscle can take a lot of abuse, but when it isn’t functioning correctly it can lead to a lot of other areas getting compromised.

Most strength training programs don’t respect the adductor magnus at all; you could say it’s the Rodney Dangerfield of the strength world.

So when this muscle isn’t doing its job correctly you can get your body propelled through space correctly.

Chances are if you have had any of the following injuries:
1. Bad quad
2. Bad Knee
3. Bad Hamstring

The adductor magnus may be the culprit of them and they are just the unfortunate benefactors of doing extra work.

One way to check to see if you have some issues with your adductor is to do the following:

1. Lay on your back
2. Bring your knee to your chest, while keep the opposite leg straight on the ground.

In a normal lengthening adductor you should easily be able to touch your quad to your ribs, if you can’t there is a good chance you may have some adductor issues.

Try it out on yourself.

If it isn’t working properly or you are “chronic” knee or hamstring person then the best thing to do is get properly assessed and treated.

Dr. Maggio

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