Let’s talk about the great and powerful Flexor Hallucis Longus…

This week’s muscle is a really important one and serves as one of the main movers in the motion of dorsiflexion.

It starts on the outside of your lower leg and is deep to your calf muscle. It then goes down to the foot and travels underneath the Achilles to attach on the big toe. It is a big and powerful muscle.

Dorsiflexion is pretty much one of the most important movements of the human body.

For more on dorsiflexion check out a video we made a few months ago with SPSC Crossfit

If dorsiflexion isn’t normal, roughly around 5 to 6 inches, then a lot of things will get messed up in the body.

Dorsiflexion allows the lower body to run, jump, squat and essentially any movement that involves the lower limbs.

When the motion is limited, it is very often caused by adhesion or scar tissue in the muscle that prevents it from being able to lengthen properly.

This is where the problem comes in and all the compensation can start.

If you have ever had any ankle, knee, hip, low back pain or your body just decides it wants to dump the barbell any time you try to do anything overhead then this muscle may be the one to blame.

It is a very deep and powerful muscle that tends to get overused very quickly.

Dorsiflexion is REALLY important for anyone that is an athlete, so if this isn’t working, chances are you are messing something else up.

Dr. Maggio

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