We are bringing back the muscle of the week and we picked an extremely important one, the infraspinatus.

What is it?

The infraspinatus is classically considered an external rotator of the shoulder and is often grouped into the more common name of the rotator cuff.

infraspinatus-teres-minor-muscleHow does it work?

Yes it does do the movement of external rotation of the shoulder, but its main job is to actually provide some stability to the shoulder anytime you do any overhead motion. This stability is really important and sets the tone for how the shoulder moves and functions.

How do you know if it’s an issue for you?

Do you have any pain or discomfort in the shoulder region?

Do you have problems whenever you try to do any overhead pressing work?

Does your neck hurt a lot after some heavy overhead lifting?

Do you feel popping or clicking in the shoulder when you move it?

If so there is a good chance that the dysfunction might be due to the infraspinatus.

What to do?

Do this test where you bring your biceps close to your head?

Do you look like this?

If not then the chances are even higher that you have some infraspinatus dysfunction.


The infraspinatus is a very important stabilizer in the shoulder that often gets overlooked in shoulder injuries. If you find yourself trying to self-treat it and it really isn’t getting better then it might be a good idea to bring an expert in.

If you are lucky enough you have a soft tissue specialist near you at Integrative Diagnosis Providers.

If not then good luck and please feel free to contact if you have any questions.

Dr. Maggio

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