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At Peak Performance Sports Therapy, we focus on the belief that every condition is unique.
There are no “cookie cutter” approaches to treating our patients. Our approach is to simply find the problem, fix it and give our patients the tools to keep it fixed. Dr. Maggio will do this by listening, evaluating, diagnosing, treating, testing and retreating to optimize the pain relief for each patient.


A diagnosis should never be made based on the training the practitioner has, but more specifically the problem at hand. That’s why we don’t treat the site of pain – because pain is usually derived from several factors, and in most cases, is a result of diminished capacity from an altered or increased load. Over time, the body compensates by passing the load to other structures which causes a painful response to alert you that something needs to change.


If you’re suffering from any type of nerve pain, aches, tingling or numbness, we can help. In fact, our specialty is in restoring the capacity of the muscle so the body is better equipped to handle the daily forces that you put into your body – so you can get back to reaching your peak performance!


We take the time to accurately diagnose your injury or pain. Through the innovative Integrative Diagnosis System, we’re able to focus on restoring the capacity of your muscle rather than simply treating the site of the pain.


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